Mercedes Sprinter (2014+) DRIFTR Ladder
Mercedes Sprinter (2014+) DRIFTR Ladder
Mercedes Sprinter (2014+) DRIFTR Ladder
Mercedes Sprinter (2014+) DRIFTR Ladder
Mercedes Sprinter (2014+) DRIFTR Ladder
Mercedes Sprinter (2014+) DRIFTR Ladder
Mercedes Sprinter (2014+) DRIFTR Ladder

Mercedes Sprinter (2014+) DRIFTR Ladder

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Roof racks make for great storage space to haul your equipment or camping gear around, but getting your stored items down can be a bit of a challenge. A Mercedes Sprinter has a high profile, and it’s impossible to pull down whatever you’ve stored on top without climbing up on something.

The Mercedes Sprinter 2014 DRIFTR ladder is the ideal companion to your new DRIFTR roof rack. This ladder bolts directly to the rack for a secure fit, and the steps are wider and deeper than any other ladder on the market, making it easier for you to climb up and down while carrying your gear. The ends of every step have added notches to provide extra traction in muddy or wet conditions.

Assembling and installing the Mercedes Sprinter DRIFTR ladder is easy. Assemble it loosely on the ground, then choose a location on your Sprinter where you’d like to install the ladder; this should be on the side opposite the van’s door, so the ladder doesn’t block the door’s sliding track. Hold the ladder in place with a friend’s help and mark the holes at the top of the ladder (onto the side of the roof rack) and underneath the van (on the pinch weld). These marks will indicate where to bolt your ladder in, so make sure the ladder is straight, level, and aesthetically pleasing before you proceed.

Drill into the rack and the pinch weld where you’ve marked, then install and fasten bolts on the top and bottom of the ladder. Push the middle of the ladder in to set the desired distance from the van and tighten the four bolts on each side of the ladder. Double-check that the bolts are secure and your DRIFTR ladder is ready to use. This DRIFTR ladder is compatible with Mercedes Springer High Roof Vans in 144, 170, and 170 EXT lengths, manufactured in 2014 or later.


How to Mount:

Loosely assemble the entire ladder. Pick a good spot where you would like to place the ladder. Make sure the ladder is on the side of the van without the sliding door. Using a friend, hold up the entire ladder and mock it up. Stand far away from the van to see what looks most aesthetically pleasing and mark the holes both at the top of the ladder onto the side of the roof rack and mark the holes underneath the van on the pinch weld. These markings will be where the ladder mounts, so make sure your ladder is straight and aligned properly. After you've verified and marked where the ladder is going to be mounted, drill into the side of the DRIFTR rack and into the pinch weld at the bottom of the van. Install and fasten bolts on the top and bottom of the ladder, then push the middle ladder in or out to set the distance from the van to the ladder and tighten the 4 bolts per side of the ladder. Double check all bolts are tight, and you're good!

Compatible With 2014-current Mercedes Sprinter High Roof vans in 144, 170, and 170 EXT lengths.


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