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Your voice matters. Support outdoor brands that align with your values.

When Bre and Jess set out to build the Sēkr app, they wanted to connect with their community and provide resources for accessible outdoor travel.

According to the 2021 North American Camping Report by Kampgrounds of America (KOA), 60% of first-time campers are non-white. Unfortunately, there’s still a lack of commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoor industry.

As women and minorities themselves, building a business in this industry comes with its own obstacles but they’ve never let that hold them back. Sēkr is quickly becoming the voice of the outdoor community with more than 65,000 members on the app.

Now, we’ve built a shop to further amplify the voices of those who might encounter the same obstacles in the outdoor industry while bringing you delight as you look for brands you feel good about supporting–brands that are a reflection of who you are. 

We are


That’s why our shop invites vendors who align with our values of community, empowerment, inclusivity, accountability, and quality of life.

We've noticed the lack of representation in the industry.

“The fact is that the consumer is not represented by these outdoor brands. These brands are not the consumer anymore. So outdoor retailers are building these products and making these decisions based on what they want. But the reality is brands are losing money because they’re not serving the consumer at large. We need different things,” says Bre, co-founder of Sēkr.

As a reflection of our community’s voice. you’ll be an integral part of building our collections and who we invite into our shop. Know of a brand you love that deserves a spotlight? Send us a message!

We invite you to shop small, camp consciously, and get on with your journey with quality products that support your adventures.

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