Earn up to 100% cash back on purchases made in the Sēkr Shop

Our community is everything. We integrate your feedback and voice into every aspect of our company. When we met as a team to talk about how we could invite you to be a part of the shop, we prioritized accessibility to entering the creator industry, getting paid fairly for work, and an opportunity for passive income while enjoying the outdoors.

Okay, real talk: are you skeptical about promotional product reviews you see online? When brands provide free product to influencers, there are strings attached. Of course, there are genuine creators, but it’s hard to set them apart from the ones who didn’t really try the product.

Let us introduce you to ReelTok Reviews. Make money doing what you’re already doing on TikTok and Instagram: buying things you need and reviewing them. 

All you have to do is tell your audience (no matter how many followers you’ve got) about products you like. There are no posting requirements, (we don’t like spam either), no contracts, and no expectation of deliverables. We value authenticity over promotion. This is a great entry point into making content.

Is this for me?

Yes, if you...

Are still building followers or discovering your niche

Like deals on products 

Want to dip a toe in content creation with low risk

Are interested in establishing a relationship with your favorite brands

Here's how it works

Step 1: Purchase from Sēkr Shop

Get something you actually want. We don't offer coupons on the shop because with this program, you can earn up to 100% of your purchase back (in cash)!

Find your favorite

Step 2: Create an Instagram Reel or TikTok (preferred)

You can also post on other social platforms. This is where you'll review the product. Please mention that you purchased from Sēkr Shop. Be authentic!

Step 3: Share it with us so we can review

Using the form at the link below, let us know where to find your video or post. Ideally, you'll want to give it enough time to reach max impressions, about 30 days.

Share it with us

Step 4: Get paid

Review the scale below to see how much you can earn back based on how well your content performs. Example: you purcahse something for

Every product in Sēkr Shop is eligible for ReelTok Reviews

If you want to support an awesome product (that you already purchased from Sēkr Shop) for a small business or share a hack with your audience, we want to pay you for those efforts. 

Grow your portfolio and supplement your outdoorsy lifestyle without ever having to pitch to brands. When you make content and our vendors want to hear more from you, we’ll enable the connection so you can seamlessly partner with brands you love. 

Submit content after you think it’s going to get as many views as you’d like. We suggest 30 days but after you submit for review, additional views will not count. For eligibility, please make sure to mention both Sekr Shop and the brand in your content (can be in the caption)

Based on organic impressions*

1K views - 10%
1-5K - 20%
5-10K - 30%
10-20K - 40%
20-50k - 50%
50-100k - 60%
100 - 250K - 70
250 - 500 - 80
500 - 1M - 90
1M + - 100%

*Sorry, boosted posts are not eligible.

Say no to ads

No contract required (this means you don’t have to say #ad in your caption) and we don't require approval to participate.

Play nicely

Please no disparaging remarks about the product. We want you to be honest, but don’t trash a brand and then expect them to pay you.

Own your own content

The brand being promoted has the option to interface with, purchase content, or work with you again if they like the cut of your jib.

Want to take it to the next level?

In addition to a cashback opportunity, if you already have a dedicated following, you can provide them with an affiliate link to make 10% commission on any purchases made through your link.

Reminder: you're not required to join our affiliate program to participate in ReelTok Reviews


We will definitely faciliate that connection. Our vendors are excited to participate in this program as a way to meet people who love their products and want to get paid for them. If you don't have a portfolio, this is your entry point to making brand deals.

Yes! There are no requirements for what you post or how often you post. If you purchased something through Sēkr Shop, you're eligible. It can be a one and done, get your money, honey kind of engagment OR you can work on building up your platform. It's 100% up to you.

Nope! Because you purchased the item on your own and we're not giving you talking points (it's what you want to say) there's no obligation to use #ad #promotion #theypaidmetosaythis in your caption. The only requirement is that you let your audience know you purchased the product from Sēkr Shop.

Sure! Your platform of choice can be Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. We prefer TikTok and Instagram Reels, but if you think your impressions would be better on another platform, go for it!