BIPOC-owned in the outdoors

Our newest collection

BIPOC-owned in the outdoors

our newest collection

BIPOC-owned in the outdoors

Our newest collection

BIPOC-owned in the outdoors

our newest collection
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Livio Melo and Jennifer Jacobsson // Allmansright

Please show me another outdoorsy brand couple with cooler vibes than Livio and Jennifer...I'll wait. They live and work in their studio apartment in The Bronx, hand-sewing ultra light backpacking gear and more.

The name 'allmansright' is inspired by the Swedish law, "allemansratt". It is "The Right to Public Access" also know as, "Freedom to Roam". They believe the outdoors is for everyone (totally agree), and access to nature is 'allmansright'.

Krafs Stuff Sack (M)Hölster Stake Sack (S)Small Vial TubeLightload TowelsClipper Mini Refillable Lighters

Brand new

Ultra light, ultra cool

Ultra light backpacking gear, mini products perfect for your pack, and travel essentials.

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Brittany Coleman // Tough Cutie

Brittany Coleman has been in the basic apparel industry for years, working for some of the most iconic brands. But when she was asked to design clothing for "the girlfriend" of the hiker (because the girlfriend is just another accessory, right?) she determined to change the industry.

She developed a high quality hiking sock that supports women from the ground up in every role as adventurers, entrepreneurs, caregivers--but never an accessory.

Eve The Original Ladies Light Weight Hiker Crew

Brand new

The best damn hiking socks

They aren’t just pink and pretty (but they do come in a lot of fun colors). They're purposeful and impactful.

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Justin Forsett and Wale Forrester// Hustle Clean

What better duo to break into the outdoory industry with their Shark Tank-approved products than Hustle Clean? Professional NFL athletes Justin and Wale know the challenge of squeezing in a good shower in between the hustle and grind of chasing their passions.

Vanlifers and outdoor enthusiasts have the same struggle. We all know what it's like to do the wipedown shower. Hust Clean optimized a product for that experience to be even more effective with their antibacterial and good-smellin' wipes.

The Face WipeThe Body WipeThe Body Wipe 10-Pack

Brand new

Clean never felt this good

Leave the baby wipes for the babies and get yourself some grown up, antibacterial freshness.

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Daina Daniels // Adventurist Soap Co.

Daina started her company...and then the pandemic hit. To continue on certainly required a heavy dose of adventure and perseverance. How many of us have simply given up when the awning blows away in the wind at the campsite? Damn. She's an inspiration for sure.

Her personal goal is to complete all 58 of the 14ers (mountains that are 14,000 feet tall). She's hiked a majority of them and enjoys the physical and mental challege of the hikes.

Walk in the Woods | Hand & Body BarBody LotionColorado Trail | Hand & Body BarSolid Dish Soap | All NaturalBackcountry | Hand & Body Bar

Brand new

Biodegradable and adventurous

Daina's products are inspired by the Colorado Rockies and terms steadily used in the outdoor community. Sustainably-sourced and vegan too!

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There's more work to do

Of course, this isn't even close to a comprehensive list of BIPOC-owned brands in the outdoor industry. This is a staple collection that we're continuously building. Fortunately, there are tons of worthy vendors out there making quality gear and life-elevating products for your lifestyle. Ever wonder why this collection means so much to us?

Bre, co-founder of Sēkr, knows what it's like to be told no, to have to prove herself amongst peers, to work harder and make less. As a queer woman of color, this is the unfortunate reality she knows all too well.

Bre talks about what this collection means to her.

“As a woman of color, this collection is especially important to me. Success to me, is using my platform to uplift others who have had hurdles placed in front of them."

If there's one thing we can do together as a collective force in the industry, it's voting with our wallet. By putting our dollars behind brands who represent us, make quality products, and care about our culture, we can make the kind of change we want to see in this space.

We are


That’s why our shop invites vendors who align with our values of community, empowerment, inclusivity, accountability, and quality of life.

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Do you know another BIPOC-owned brand who should be included?

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